St. Masry Roman Catholic Church
Rev. Msgr. Edward R. Domin, M.A., Pastor
Witamy (welcome) to the website for St. Mary Roman Catholic Church founded in 1888 to serve the religious needs of Reading's Polish Catholic population.  While St.Mary's retains to this day its Polish orientation, all are welcome on our shared journey to attain salvation. 

The Church and the Rectory are
located on the corner of 12th and Spruce streets in Reading, PA with parking lots located on the left side and in the rear of the church. 

Located on the east side of 12th Street, between Spruce and Muhlenberg streets, there is a complex consisting of St. Mary's Hall/School and the old convent.  There is an additional parking lot adjacent to old convent for those attending Mass and our social functions.  
The Announced Masses and Parish News information are updated weekly.  St. Mary's website will always be a work in progress with new content added at any time.  We created this website to keep our parishioners informed and involved, and to let visitors know who we are.

If you find an error on this website, please contact the webmaster at
Mass Schedules:
Saturday:      3:30 PM
Sunday:        10:30 AM
Holy Days:    8:00 AM
Latin Mass:   12:30 PM Second Sunday
                        of the Month                       
Polish Mass:  9:00 AM Fourth Sunday
                        of the Month                          .
Schedules for:
Altar Servers
Eucharistic Ministers

Announced Masses
Readings for the Week
Contact Numbers:
St. Catharine of Sienna Parish Center:
Phone: 610-779-4005
Fax: 610-779-0859
Confessions:  Saturdays from 2:45 to 3:15 PM.
  St. Mary Roman Catholic Church
           250 South 12th St.,  Reading, PA 19602
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Rev. John Rother, M.Div., Parochial Vicar          Rev. Msgr. James Treston, Retired in Residence

Deacon Craig Fry                                                    Deacon John Stapleton

Rev. Leo S. Stajkowski, St. Mary, Pastor Emeritus
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